R/V Richard T. Barber – Operation and Charter Policies


Fee Overview

R/V Barber work day rate $800.00
R/V Barber lay day rate $200.00
Truck rate $0.73/mile (plus fuel)
USCG Captain day rate $200.00

Fee Schedule

The R/V Richard T. Barber work day rate is $800.00/day plus fuel.  A lesser “lay day rate” of $200.00/day will be allowed when weather precludes use of the vessel in a research capacity.  The lay day rate will also be applied to days of overland transport (trailering) to remote work locations.  Daily charges will not accrue if the vessel is unavailable to work due to maintenance or repair activities.  A work day is defined as any portion of a day when the vessel is underway with intent to pursue project objectives.  Minor underway periods (obtaining fuel or provisions, movement to or from the trailer, movement to protect the vessel, local repositioning) are permitted during a lay day.  The rate for truck and trailer use for overland transport is $0.73/mile.  This rate does not include fuel (user pays for fuel).  Day rate charges begin when the charter party takes possession of the vessel and it becomes unavailable for other work.  Charges end when the vessel is returned to the Duke Marine Lab Beaufort campus or such other location agreed to by the Marine Operations Manager, Duke Marine Lab.

User Priority

Potential vessel users may check availability by visiting an on-line scheduling calendar maintained by the Marine Operations Manager (Booking Calendar).  In cases of overlapping boat time requests, priority will be managed as follows:

  1. Field programs underwritten through research contracts and grants to Duke University faculty and/or graduate students conducting Duke University sponsored research.
  2. The needs of faculty, graduate students and/or other scientists conducting faculty-sponsored research outside of Duke University on a first-come, first-served basis.

Once a charter is scheduled on the on-line booking calendar, the charter is committed and can only be changed by negotiation between the “owner” of the date and other potential users.

NSF-Funded Research

Funds are available to NSF Principal Investigators to cover vessel operating costs when the vessel will be employed in research related to funded NSF programs.  Funds are also available for purchase of general oceanographic equipment to support NSF research.  Investigators who wish to include the R/V Richard T. Barber in an NSF proposal may request a letter from Duke confirming availability of both the vessel and funds to support the research.

General Policies

R/V Richard T. Barber may be chartered and operated by Duke faculty, faculty from other academic institutions and graduate students conducting faculty sponsored research.  The authority for operation of the vessel is a USCG Letter of Designation (Oceanographic Research Vessel) and the vessel will be operated within the scope allowed by that designation.  Even though an ORV need not be operated by a USCG licensed person; the power, speed and potential range of the vessel dictate that any operator must have considerable small boat experience and that prudent planning be conducted for each mission.  Any potential operator must hold (1) a USCG Masters License or Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessel License appropriate to the waters of intended use, or (2) complete the USCG Auxiliary Boating Skills and Seamanship Course, or (3) be qualified as Uniformed Services Officer of the Deck, or (4) complete the Department of Interior Motorboat Operator Certification Course, or (5) complete the Boatwise course for NOAA operators, or (6) complete the Chapman Powerboat Certification.  Persons without such license or certification may be allowed to operate the vessel by documenting considerable (>200 days underway) small boat operational experience.  Any potential operator must complete a vessel familiarization course (4-6 hours) provided by the Marine Operations Manager, Duke Marine Lab.  Licensure or certification alone will not guarantee the right to serve as master of the vessel.  Decisions regarding who may serve as master of the vessel will be made by the Marine Operations Manager.  Duke Marine Laboratory will provide a USCG Master to operate the vessel when a charter party has no individual qualified to serve in that capacity.  The rate charged for providing a USCG Master is $200/day.  All persons aboard the R/V Richard T. Barber when underway must be at least 18 years of age.

Charter Procedure

Interested parties are encouraged to contact John Wilson, Duke Marine Lab Marine Operations Manager by phone or email (252-504-7506 or john.t.wilson@duke.edu) for a preliminary discussion of your needs.  Charter application is made by completing the Cruise Request Form provided by this website.  If you propose that someone other than a Duke Marine Lab provided Captain operate the vessel, please also complete an Operator Certification Request.

Davit Capacity

R/V Richard Barber may be employed in work that involves handling equipment over the side.  Improper or imprudent use of any overboard handling system, such as the davit and winch aboard the R/V Barber, may result in significant risk of personal injury, loss of equipment or loss of vessel.  To that extent possible, all overboard handling operations will comply with UNOLS Research Vessel Safety Standards (Appendix A and B) requirements.  The davit/winch installed on the R/V Barber is subject to the following limitations:

  1. Total package weight no greater than 200 lb.
  2. Maximum working depth of 150-meters or 75% of total water depth.
  3. Coring or bottom sampling devices that might generate large transient (breakout) loads may not be employed.