About one month before the beginning of the spring semester we will invite you to join a FB group with your fellow students to coordinate carpooling, share taxis, post flights, etc.  At that time you can post your New Bern (EWN) flight arrival time and begin corresponding with other students arriving around the same time.

Post early! Ideally we would have all students needing transportation identified at least one week before the start of the session.  Though the carpooling discussion is monitored and we try to pick up the occasional student who does not arrive in a cluster, it is very difficult to accommodate last-minute requests.  It is also quite difficult to assist with transportation if your flight arrives later in the evening (i.e. after 7:00pm).  Most students who arrive on later flights end up having to take a taxi on their own.

There is no direct air transportation to Beaufort.  Most students fly into New Bern.


New Bern, NC      (40 miles)               (252) 638-8591

Jacksonville, NC  (60 miles)         (910) 324-3001

Raleigh, NC          (160 miles)                               (919) 840-2123


Amtrak offers a bus connection into Morehead City from Wilson, NC.  To search Amtrak fares and itineraries, visit  Students would need to take a taxi from Morehead City to Beaufort (10 minutes away)


Greyhound Bus Lines                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Raleigh, NC

2210 Capital Blvd



New Bern, NC

4010 Dr. M L King Jr. Blvd



Best Shuttle Option: Diamond Limousine: 252-240-1680
A cluster of students can share the cost of a limousine from Diamond Limousine. I realize this sounds fancy, but it’s actually the most economical option that takes credit cards! Several students can travel together and they charge approximately $75 – please add gratuity for the driver.

Other Shuttles Options:
Carteret Cab 252-247-4600 (cash only)
A1 Cab 252-504-3680 (cash only)
Shuttle Me: 252-637-7433  (the most expensive, but takes credit cards)