Student Life

Campus Safety

For your safety the Duke Marine Lab property is monitored by Allied Barton Security.  Your cooperation is expected and appreciated.  There is a poster in each dorm with the names and photographs of each of our security officers.  Say hello and get to know them there are only four members of the team (Tomayo aka Tommy, John, Clint and Bill).  Along with your RA, they can help you if you lock yourself out of your room.


All Duke Marine Laboratory dormitories have central heat and air.  A desk, bed, and dresser are provided.  Linens including pillow, blanket, and sheets are not provided by the Duke Marine Lab.  Occupants of dormitories will be held personally responsible for furnishings provided by the Duke Marine Laboratory.  Furniture should not be removed from any rooms.

Dorm rooms are small, and may have 2-3 students per room. It is rare that students are housed three to a dorm room. Each room has ample storage for both hanging and folded clothes, books, toiletries, etc.

The use of tape, nails, screws or hooks on walls or furniture is strictly forbidden.  Residents are asked to use dorm putty to hang posters and pictures.  Repairs for damaged walls will be charged to room occupants.

Dorm Key:

Students sign a key deposit form.  If the dorm key is not returned within 24 hours of end of term the student’s bursar account will be charged $86.00.


80” long,(extra long twin) same as Durham campus.


Pillows, blankets, and sheets are your responsibility.  They are not provided by the Marine Lab.


Rooms are small; you are discouraged from bringing extra furniture.


No need to bring them.


You may be able to store luggage or plastic / rubber bins (no cardboard boxes) in an attic area.  See Dominick Brugnolotti (Admin #102), or the RA after you arrive. 

Fax Information

252-504-7648 – The fax machine is in the Administration Building.


Duke FlexCard-operated and coin-operated laundry facilities (washers and dryers) for student and visitor use are housed at the rear of Lab 5.  Any malfunction of these machines should be reported to Dominick Brugnolotti (Admin #102, 252-504-7652;  Laundry soaps, health & beauty aids, drinks and snacks are available from vending machines located in the laundry. 

Pearse Library

The Pearse Memorial Library is housed in the I.E. Gray Library-Auditorium building.  The librarian’s hours are 8AM – 1 PM, Monday through Thursday.  The library maintains a 20,000 volume collection of books and periodicals in print, devoted to marine-related disciplines.  This collection is greatly augmented by document delivery services from libraries on the Durham campus and local online access to hundreds of full-content electronic journals.

Library users can request materials unavailable in the Pearse Library or not accessible online by filling out request forms at .  Requested books usually arrive within a period of several days to one or more weeks, depending on the location of the lending institution.  Requested photocopies usually arrive within several days.

The Pearse Library maintains close ties with the libraries of the NOAA Center for Coastal Fisheries and Habitat Research on Pivers Island , and the UNC Institute of Marine Sciences in Morehead City, and is an active member in the International Association of Aquatic and Marine Science Libraries and Information Centers. 


 Mailing Address:

             (Your Name)

135 Duke Marine Lab Road

Beaufort, NC 28516

Incoming Mail:

Mail is color coded for the different student groups and is distributed in the alphabetical mailbox slots (A-Z) in the entrance hallway of the administration building.

Outgoing Mail:

Outgoing mail should be deposited by 11:00 a.m. in the outgoing mailbox in the administration building hallway across from the Ship’s Store.

Forwarding Mail:

If your forwarding address is different than your student file’s permanent address, please leave it with Linda Nichols in Admin #111 before leaving the Duke Marine Lab.


Stamps can be purchases at the Ship’s Store in the Administration building.  

Maintenance and Work Requests

All maintenance work requests (e.g., heat, water, etc., in dormitories, labs, etc.) should immediately be submitted to Dominick Brugnolotti (Admin #102, 252-504-7652; 

Natural History Resource Center

Located on the second floor of Lab 5 is a reference collection of approximately 2,000 species of animals and macroalgae from estuaries and the continental shelf of North Carolina.  A library of monographs, identification guides, and checklists of marine organisms is maintained.  Dr. Bill Kirby-Smith, the director of the Center, provides advice on collecting and natural history.  Space is available for preservation and identification of specimens. 


Cars must be registered through your RA upon check-in, or with Dominick Brugnolotti in the Administration building. There are no parking fees.  Students park in the grassy (southwest) parking lot behind the library and Bookhout building. 


Office & computer paper, aluminum cans, glass bottles, Styrofoam (“peanuts”), and corrugated cardboard are recycled at the Duke Marine Laboratory.  Containers and instructions are posted around the island.   For more detailed information, please check the policies and procedures handbook at


Throughout the year a variety of seminar/lecture series and special seminars are presented at the Duke Marine Laboratory (both day and evening).  Seminar notices (listing speaker, topic, date, time and location) will be distributed via email and posted around the island. 


There are large flat-screen televisions in the boathouse, student center and dining hall with digital cable, and DVD player. Due to the size of DUML dorm rooms you are discouraged from bringing your own TV.  The boathouse lounge also has a piano, refrigerator, and microwave.