Student Health Information

Student Health

Provided by BeachCare Medical Center        

Phone (252) 207-0626
Hours Monday – Friday:  8:00 am – 7:45 pm                                                                                                                  Saturday & Sunday: 9:00 am –  4:45 pm
Location 5059 Hwy 70

Morehead City, NC 28557

Directions: Leave the Marine Lab, go left (west) on Hwy 70. Beach Care is approximately 7.8 miles from the Marine Lab – it is on the left just after the intersection of routes 24/70, after the Walgreen’s.

Procedure: Get an authorization form for Beach Care Urgent Care from Gwendy Womble, Park Watson, or Katie Wood (Administration Building)  before you go if during Marine Lab business hours (8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Monday-Friday).

  • After Marine Lab business hours/over the weekend go directly to BeachCare – notify Gwendy Womble the next business day.


Emergency Care and After-Hours Care

Provided by the Emergency Room at Carteret General Hospital.

  • If BeachCare is closed, you may visit another urgent care facility using your personal health insurance or visit Emergency Room at Carteret Health Care Hospital.  Treatment at Carteret Health Care  Emergency Department is not covered by the student health fee: your personal insurance will need to be used.
  • 3500 Arendell St. (Hwy 70), Morehead City, NC 28557, 252-808-6000



  • Leave the Marine Lab, go left (west) on Hwy 70. Carteret Health Care is located approximately 5 miles from the Marine Lab at the corner of Arendell St. (Hwy 70) and 35th – it is on the right-hand side across the street from Carteret County Community College.


Mental Health

Coordinated with CAPS (Counseling and Psychological Services)

We recognize that students studying at the Duke Marine Lab may have a difficult time driving to Durham to access CAPS services. To assist students seeking counseling services, we have identified therapists in Beaufort and the surrounding communities who are available to meet with Duke students for brief counseling services. These services are available through the student health fee you pay when you register for classes and will support up to six counseling appointments with one of the therapists CAPS has identified. Should you decide to continue counseling after these six sessions, you will be responsible for subsequent fees. Many students utilize their health insurance to cover these charges and you may wish to discuss this with the counselor at the time of your initial appointment.

You can access these referral resources by contacting CAPS at 919-660-1000. Please ask to speak with Liadainn Gilmore, the Referral Services Coordinator. Should you prefer to seek this information from an administrator at the Marine Lab, you may contact Katie Wood, Program Coordinator for Duke Marine Lab at 252-504-7508.

For a referral to a local provider:

  • Contact CAPS at 919-660-1000 and ask to speak with the Referral Services Coordinator.
  • At the Marine Lab, contact Katie Wood (Admin room 111A, 252-504-7586 office)


Additional information

  • Visits to specialists are not covered by the student health fee.
  • Prescription drugs of any type are not covered by the student health fee
  • Students must present their own insurance at the time of service. Duke will pay the remainder of the costs not covered by insurance when determined that the balance would be covered by student health.
  • Inpatient care will be covered by the student’s insurance.
  • Immunizations are not covered. The Carteret Community Health Department (3820 Suite A Bridges St., Morehead City, NC 28557) can provide immunizations at a minimal charge. Leave the Marine Lab, go left (west) on Hwy 70.  Once across the high-rise bridge into Morehead City take the first right, then turn left onto Bridges St. Continue west on Bridges St. for approx. 6.7 miles. The Health Department is on the right.
  • Flu shots are provided by representatives from Student Health during the fall semester.
  • One Well Woman’s Exam per academic year is provided at BeachCare for all female students registered at the Marine Laboratory. Your Student Health Fee covers the cost of the office visit. Your Student Health Fee also covers the handling fees BeachCare charges associated with three laboratory tests (GC/Chlamydia screen, pap smear, and/or pregnancy test associated with new prescriptions for certain birth control medications).  These three tests are processed by LabCorp and Duke has negotiated a lower contract rate for the lab fees.  The laboratory fees charged by LabCorp in association with these three tests are billed directly by LabCorp to the student’s insurance.  The LabCorp fees are not covered by the Student Health Fee.
  • Medications covered by the Student Health Fee include various cold, flu, and allergy medications. Students must complete a request form. Forms and medications are available from Dominick Brugnolotti (Admin room 102), Katie Wood (Admin room 111A)  during business hours (Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.). If you need medication that is not available or is required after business hours, make your purchase and see Shirley Miller in Admin room 105 the next business day for reimbursement.