Spring 2018

Dear 2018 Spring Semester undergraduates:

Registration for the 2018 Spring Semester is approaching!  Amy Kirkland will send you any necessary permission numbers before registration begins on Wednesday, November 1.  Permission for the travel courses is first-come, first-served — students may be permitted to take a 2nd or 3rd travel course when all interested students have enrolled in at least one travel course. Duke students register in DukeHub; non-Duke students will be registered by Amy Kirkland.


Research Independent Study
We will be sending a list of research independent study options/advisors via email. If you’re interested in doing research independent study, please email the instructors whose project(s) match your interests.  When an instructor has agreed to work with you, forward that email to Amy.Kirkland@duke.edu and she will send you a permission number to register with.

  • Students who choose to do research independent study are required to spend an entire block working on the project.
  • Students participating in more than one travel course will not be permitted to undertake a research project.


Important Dates: 

  • Move in is after 12 pm, Tuesday, Jan 9.
  • The 2018 spring semester begins with student orientation on Wednesday, Jan 10, 2018.
  • Spring Break: Friday 7 pm, March 9.  Classes resume Monday, March 19.
  • The 2018 spring semester ends onFriday, May 4, 2018– move out is by 9 am on Saturday, May 5.


Travel to Beaufort:
About one month before the beginning of the spring semester we will invite you to join a Facebook group with your fellow students to coordinate carpooling, share taxis, post flights, etc.  At that time you can post your New Bern (EWN) flight arrival time and begin corresponding with other students arriving around the same time. To maximize shuttle sharing as much as possible, I suggest everyone try to land in New Bern around 1pm. If everyone does this, you can save money by sharing shuttles. Students who arrive on later flights end up having to take a shuttle by themselves. The New Bern airport is located off Highway (70 East) and is an easy stop for students traveling from Duke’s main campus.


Best Shuttle Option: Diamond Limousine: 252-240-1680
A cluster of students can share the cost of a limousine from Diamond Limousine. I realize this sounds fancy, but it’s actually the most economical option that takes credit cards! Several students can travel together and they charge approximately $75 – please add gratuity for the driver.

Other Shuttles Options:
Carteret Cab 252-247-4600 (cash only)
A1 Cab 252-504-3680 (cash only)
Shuttle Me: 252-637-7433  (the most expensive, but takes credit cards)


Visit the Duke Marine Lab Facebook fan page to keep up with what is happening in Beaufort.

Housing and a meal plan are automatic with your registration in Marine Lab courses. Send roommate requests and inquiries about single room availability to Dominick Brugnolotti (drb1@duke.edu; 252-504-7652).  Duke students: information about how to request Durham housing when you return to main campus in the fall can be found online in January or February.  Please make sure that you correspond with the Res Life folks directly to make sure you have housing when you get back to main campus!  Non-Duke students: please correspond directly with your off-campus studies office (or equivalent) at your home institution to let them know your plans for the spring semester.

Visit this web site to learn more about Duke Marine Lab undergraduate student programs.  

If you have any questions or problems with registration please feel free to contact Amy Kirkland (252-504-7502; amy.kirkland@duke.edu).

Need help with Marine Lab courses? Email Katie Wood, (252-504-7586; katie.wood@duke.edu)

Registration related questions? Email Amy Kirkland, (252-504-7502; amy.kirkland@duke.edu).


Tom Schultz
Director of Undergraduate Studies