Interested in being an RA?


Don’t forget that you can apply to be a Residential Advisor (RA) during the 2019 Summer terms at the Duke Marine Lab. If you are interested in applying, you still have some time! There will be two co-RAs; they each receive a 60% reduction on room and board as payment for their services. Being a RA at the Marine Lab is a great experience and you get to work with your peers in a positive and collaborative environment!


The deadline for summer RA applications is Monday, April 1st. Please submit the following to Park Watson ( by email:

  • A statement summarizing your skills and qualifications for the position. Tell us why you think you’d be a good RA. If appropriate, specifically include examples of your experience planning events, coordinating volunteers, handling difficult or stressful situations, and serving in leadership roles.
  • Two non-academic letters of recommendation from persons who have personal knowledge of you (professionals not your peers). Letters should address your interpersonal skills, ability to deal with crises, creativity, etc. These letters can be sent to Park directly from the person recommending you.

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