On campus housing and a meal plan are automatic with your registration in Marine Lab courses in the summer and semester. Send roommate requests and inquiries about single room availability to Katie Wood (katie.wood@duke.edu; 252-504-7586).


All Duke Marine Laboratory cottages have central heat and air conditioning.  A desk, bed, and dresser are provided.  Linens including pillow, blanket, and sheets are not provided.  Occupants of the cottages will be held responsible for any damage to furnishings provided. Furniture should not be removed from any rooms.

Cottage bedrooms typically  will have two students per room. It is rare that students are housed three a dorm room in the summer. Each room has storage for both hanging and folded clothes, books, toiletries, etc. Students may extra for a single if there is space.

The use of tape, nails, screws or hooks on walls or furniture is strictly forbidden.  Residents are asked to use dorm putty to hang posters and pictures.  Repairs for damaged walls will be charged to room occupants.


Students sign a key deposit form.  If the dorm key is not returned within 24 hours of end of term the student’s bursar account will be charged $86.00.


80” long,(extra long twin) the same as Durham campus.


Pillows, blankets, and sheets are your responsibility.


You are discouraged from bringing extra furniture.


Bedrooms have mini blinds so there is no need to bring curtains.


You may be able to store luggage or plastic / rubber bins (no cardboard boxes) in an attic area.  See  Katie Wood (Admin Building), or the RA after you arrive.