FAQs – Summer

Q:  I don’t have a car, and can’t find a ride into town.  What should I do?

A:  The Carteret County Area Transportation System (CCATS) is an accessible public transportation service for all residents and guests of Carteret County.  The average cost is $2 one way.  For more information visit:


Q:  Can I arrive at the Marine Lab early?

A:  If you need to arrive early, please contact  Dominick Brugnolotti (drb1@duke.edu; 252-504-7652).

Q:  What is the nearest airport?

A:  The New Bern airport is approximately 45 minutes away from the Marine Lab.  Raleigh/Durham is                approximately 3 hours.

Q:  Can I bring my bike?

A:  You are welcome to bring your bike.  We have bike racks around campus, so we suggest bringing a lock and cover (if you’d like).  The bikes are not allowed in any buildings or hallways.  We also have Duke Bikes on campus, that students can check out for a couple weeks at a time, if you decide not to bring yours.

Q:  What is the RA phone number?

A:  252-241-6898

Q:  How to I pay my tuition?

A:  https://finance.duke.edu/bursar/Payments/

Q:  I was awarded a scholarship, but it hasn’t posted to my account.  Do I pay it and get refunded?

A:  You’ll only need to pay the amount that will not be covered by your scholarship.

Q:  Do I need to send a deposit?

A:  No, we do not require deposits to hold your place.

Q:  What is the difference in the Health Fee and Health Insurance?

A:  All students pay a health fee, and does not replace student or personal health insurance.  This is the same fee that students in Durham pay, and will cover any expenses that Duke Student Health would have taken care of.  For more information visit


Q:  When are final exams?

A:  Typically the last day of class during the summer, but contact the instructor for specifics

Q:  How do I request a roommate?

A:  Send roommate requests and inquiries about single room availability to Dominick Brugnolotti                       (drb1@duke.edu; 252-504-7652).