Duke Bikes

Duke Bikes


What is Duke Bikes?

Duke Bikes is a bike-loan program provided by Duke Marine Lab Campus Services, a division of the Office of Student Affairs, to offer students no- cost options for exercise, adventure and campus commuting. The DUML Bike Loan program provides a tangible example of several of Duke’s efforts to promote sustainability, alternative transportation and health.

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What bikes are available?

The fleet of bikes includes twenty six, 1-speed Beach Cruisers. The bike seats are adjustable. Lights /flashers are provided for use with the bikes.


Who may borrow a bike?

Under the program, all Duke Marine Lab undergraduate, graduate and professional students are eligible to borrow a bike.


How does Duke Bikes work?

Duke Bikes works much like checking out a library book. All you need is your DukeCard.  Go to the Ship’s Store Monday through Friday 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM and fill out a request and sign a liability waiver.  You will need your unique ID number and Duke Card number (both found on the back of your Duke Card). You will be assigned a bike, light, bike lock and key and accessories. Helmets are available and strongly encouraged, though not required under North Carolina law for people over 16.


Where do I borrow and return my bike?

The Duke Bikes location is Duke Marine Lab Ship’s Store in the Administration building. Ruth Rolar at 252-504-7526 (ruth.rolar@duke.edu) Monday-Friday: 8:30 – 1 p.m.


How long can I keep the bike?

You can borrow a bike for up to seven days.


What is the bike return policy?

Your bike, as well as the lock, key and helmet, are all due back to the Ship’s Store within seven days of when you borrow it. If the bike is not returned, your bursar account will be charged $10 a day for any day beyond the seventh day. If the bike is lost, destroyed or not returned after 10 days, you will be charged the cost of the bike and accessories.


How can I renew a bike?

You can renew your bike loan in the Ship’s Store.  If you are late you must return your bike to the Ship’s Store and pay your late fee to renew it. If other bikes are available, you can check out the same bike for another seven days. Bikes may be renewed three times. After the third time a new request must be submitted. All bikes are due back the last Wednesday of each semester or term.


How can I avoid bike theft?

Use your lock. And, don’t leave your bike unattended, even for a few minutes.


How do I lock the bike?

When securing your bike with the cable lock, lock the frame and tire together to a rack or fixed object such as a tall street sign. Make sure that the bike cannot be lifted over the fixed object.  Also, position the keyhole of the lock so that it faces the ground. This will help deter people from manipulating the lock.


What if my bike is stolen?

Contact the DUML Campus Services Administration immediately at (252) 725-5340 to report a bike theft.


How can I get air for the tires or adjust the seat?

Bikes will be maintained by DUML Campus Services staff in the Ship’s Store. DUML Campus Services staff will adjust seats, change flat tires or perform minor repairs.


What rights do I have as a bicyclist?

In North Carolina, a bicycle has the legal status of a vehicle, which means you have full rights and responsibilities on the roadway. You are also subject to the same regulations governing operation of a motor vehicle on roadways.


Where can I find more information about bike laws and routes?

North Carolina Department of Transportation web site.


What if I have more questions? E-mail: drb1@duke.edu

Call: (252) 504-7652

Stop by the Ship’s Store: Located in Room 101, in the Administration Building.