Canoe/Kayak/Paddleboard User Safety Rules


NOTE: All items referenced in the rules (log sheets, life vests, paddles, seat cushions, floating bags) are located in the CANOE/KAYAK LOCKER, the white locker on the dock near the canoe float. Please return all items to the locker when finished.

  • RESTRICTIONS. Canoes/kayaks need to be returned by 5 pm.  The Canoe Locker is LOCKED when canoes cannot be used.  See John Wilson for research/teaching exceptions.
  • CELL PHONE. You are required to have one cell phone with each group (number should match the log sheet).  Protect phone by placing in a watertight container (Zip Lock, etc.).
  • LOG SHEET (left door inside Canoe Locker).  All canoes/kayaks must be signed out (COMPLETELY). Research/ teaching have priority.  LOG IN when you return.
  • LIFE VESTS AND CUSHIONS. Life vests must be worn at all times. Anyone stopped by the US Coast Guard may be fined for not wearing their vests; the fine ($100) will be paid by the individual.  The Coast Guard also requires a seat cushion.
  • DRUGS & ALCOHOL. No drugs or alcohol (or persons under the influence) are allowed in the canoes/kayaks at any time.
  • USERS. Canoes are to be operated by no less than two individuals; maximum occupancy is three individuals (one sitting on flotation cushion on canoe bottom).  Kayaks must be accompanied by at least one additional watercraft.
  • SEATING. Use the seats or kneel.
  • SHOES. Closed-toed shoes are required.
  • RANGE. Canoes/kayaks are only to be used around Pivers Island, in Taylors Creek and Bird Shoals.
  • LAUNCHING.  From land, carry the canoes/kayaks to water.    Load and unload in shallow water parallel to shore. Please carry the boats – do not drag them.
  • PADDLEBOARDS. Two paddleboards are available for use. The same rules for kayaks/canoes, apply to using the paddleboards. You must WEAR a life vest (PFD) and you must wear closed- toe shoes. Paddleboards should go out with another paddle boarder or with another person in a kayak or canoe. Life vests are being equipped with whistles so you can notify nearby boaters if you are in need of assistance.  Paddleboards should not be beached on Carrot Island. They are intended for touring the waters and for exercise.
  • (Contact John Wilson at 252-504-7506 for questions concerning this policy)