Seagrass Farm Team

illustration of seagrass

Seagrass provides many beneficial services to humans including recreational and commercial fishery and aquaculture habitat, coastal protection, and carbon sequestration; however, seagrass habitats are declining globally. To maintain, enhance, and restore these systems, we are building a seagrass “farm” as a hub for North Carolina’s seagrass restoration efforts. The farm will produce viable seagrass seeds and transplants to the public and private sector and test novel restoration approaches. We envision this farm as an economical avenue for traditionally expensive seagrass restoration as well as a source for collaborative research throughout the state.

Our Team

Dr. Brian Silliman (he/him)
Faculty Advisor
Stephanie Valdez (she/her)
PhD Advisor
Devin Domeyer (she/her)
2nd Year Lead
Maeve Arthur (she/her)
1st Year Lead