Coral Team

Duke Restore’s Coral Team is working to promote coral restoration by establishing coral nurseries in North Carolina and providing assistance to restoration initiatives abroad.

Our Team

Dr. Brian Silliman
Faculty Advisor
Dr. Thomas Schultz
Faculty Co-Advisor
Christy Cutshaw
2nd Year Lead
Jenna Seagle
1st Year Lead

Our Goals and Projects

  1. Create a temperate water coral tree nursery in Beaufort, NC
  2. Develop projects in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands in collaboration with The Nature Conservancy
  3. Conduct workshops with experts in this field to facilitate knowledge sharing and career mentorship
  4. Build and foster connections with local NGOs and other organizations working in this field
  5. Connect and collaborate with other Nicholas School student organizations
  6. Long-term goal: establish an artificial reef in the Beaufort area