Day 1– Scoping

Day 1– Scoping

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It is the first step that costs troublesome. Santiago de Queretaro welcome us with heavy raining the first day when we arrive and keeping rain storming. However, it cannot stop us from working and doing survey in the household. Today we are primarily focusing on scoping and assigning tasks for the following research days. Each of us will be responsible for one part of the project. Mauricio is expertized in engineering and monitoring devices. Rui concentrates more on editing the survey and I will be in charge of the presentation for ITESM students. We have one appointment in the evening time, so the rest of the day we were preparing for surveys and contacting potential volunteers. In the evening, we started doing our survey in the first household. We were 30 minutes late, but the host was quite understandable and welcoming our visit.

Since it is the first survey we were trying to do, we were unsure about how to get started. The process we did was I was responsible for asking the participants questions and recording what they answered. I think it was not very efficient, we planned to change the strategy in the next survey for letting them writing the questions. During the process, we have found minor typos and participants did not answer smoothly. These all be recorded by our team members to make improvement.





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