Walk & Talk Program

Program Overview

The Walk & Talk program seeks to strengthen the NSOE community by encouraging faculty and staff to cultivate new and meaningful connections over coffee or tea.

To encourage participation, the program provides free beverage vouchers to those who register.

This program is open to all NSOE faculty, post doctoral fellows, and staff members.

The Process
  1. Invite an NSOE member that you don’t know well out for coffee or tea.
  2. Register your meetup via the registration form linked below.
  3. The program will then follow up with further instructions.
  1. Participants may reedeem one beverage each.
  2. Participants cannot purchase alcoholic beverages.
  3. Students are ineligible to participate.

Click here to register.

Who is eligible to participate?

All NSOE faculty, post doctoral fellows, and staff are welcome to participate!

How should interested participants invite one another?

The program strongly encourages participants to invite others through a simple conversation, text, or email.

Can I invite multiple members to the meetup?


Something came up and we must reschedule. What should I do?

Not a problem! Reschedule your meeting with the intended party and notify the program via the contact information below.

This semester I will be at the marine lab in Beaufort — can I still participate? 

Yes, you can! Please select the Beaufort option on the registration form. 


Contact the DEI Office here.