Local Vendors to Support

During the month of February, we celebrate Black History Month to recognize the essential contributions of African Americans to the United States, study the roots of African American Culture, and acknowledge past and current prejudices still present in our country. In honor of Black History Month, here are a few local, black-owned restaurants and businesses in the Durham area to support:

The Month of March is marked in observance of Women’s History Month. During this month we honor the sacrifices and successes of women in history and our personal lives and strive for more progress and gender equality. Listed are a few amazing women-owned businesses around Duke to support this month:

The month of April is in celebration of Arab American Heritage Month, where we honor the culture and contributions of Arab Americans all across the United States. Here are a few businesses and organizations you can support this month!

The Month of May celebrates Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. More information to come in May.

Every May, we also celebrate Jewish American Heritage Month. More information to follow in May.

During June, we celebrate LGBT+ Pride Month. Look for more information to come in June.

The month of June also observes Immigrant Heritage Month. More information to come in June.

Every October, we celebrate National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM). It is essential to honor the numerous contributions made by people with disabilities in America’s workplaces and economy. In our community, 321 Coffee supports this mission by providing meaningful employment to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. To learn more about their transformative business, click on the link below:

During November, we celebrate Native American Heritage Month (NAHM), shining a spotlight on the rich culture, traditions, and remarkable achievements of the nation’s original inhabitants and their descendants. To amplify our celebration, we strongly encourage everyone to support local Nativeowned businesses. Below are a few options where you can make a positive impact: