DEI Implementation Plan and 2021-22 Evaluation

Implementation activities for each set of NSOE DEI goals and objectives are evaluated annually based on a 3 point scale: Transforming (3 pts), Developing (2 pts), Emerging (1 pts), or No effort (0 pts).

This framework has been adapted from the work of outdoor inclusion expert, Karlisa Callwood, PhD of KAC Consulting, LLC presented at the NAI 2021 Conference. In this, Transforming means that the activity is part of the culture of the school and is regularly practiced. Developing means that some aspect(s) are either practiced regularly, but the activity hasn’t been fully integrated into the practices of the school or the activity has only recently been incorporated. Emerging means that discussions are taking place about prioritizing or initiating the activity and that there is general support for doing so.

The result of the Associate Dean of DEI 2020-21 assessment are below. The highest scores (in the upper Emerging range, >1.5 out of 3) were given for the Nicholas School’s two inclusion objectives. The lowest overall scores (in the lower Emerging range between 1 and 1.5 out of 3) were given for the Nicholas School’s two diversity objectives.

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