DEI at NSOE: A Year in Review

Wondering what NSOE has done to advance DEI this year? This has been a big year for DEI at NSOE! This academic year (2021-22) marked a number of new DEI initiatives at NSOE, including:

  • On-boarding the inaugural Associate Dean of DEI,
  • Developing a DEI implementation plan & evaluation,
  • Forming the DEI Student Advisory Committee,
  • Sharing and committing to transparency in DEI data metrics (e.g., Duke Climate Survey & MEM/MF DEI Temperature Checks),
  • Launching the CAIRNS Program for undergraduate students,
  • Starting the Coffee Conversation Corps,
  • Kicking off the Building in Justice initiative with the leadership of Dr. Liz Shapiro-Garza,
  • Developing inclusive hiring guidelines, materials, and procedures for faculty,
  • Initiating required anti-bias training for faculty and staff hiring committees,
  • Creating and implementing a DEI module for all new staff members,
  • Holding 5+ culturally inclusive pedagogy workshops for faculty, 
  • Reviewing and addressing DEI concerns in raised in course evaluations,
  • Creating a NSOE DEI website,
  • Developing DEI communications (e.g., this newsletter!), and
  • Co-creating Tuesdays in the Orchard (see below)!

We’ve also continued our past DEI work, including:

So what’s next? We are already working on the following new initiatives for the 2022-2023 Academic Year:

  • Let’s Do Lunch: a new initiative to allow students, staff, and faculty to get to know each other over lunch!
  • Global Week: increase awareness of and celebrate international work in the environment and cultures around the globe
  • Cultural Competency workshops for students and faculty
  • Review and revision of English Language requirements, and
  • So much more!