Let’s Do Lunch Program

Program Overview

The Let’s Do Lunch program seeks to strengthen the NSOE community by encouraging its members to cultivate new and meaningful connections over lunch. To encourage participation, the program provides free lunch vouchers to small groups of participants. This program is open to all NSOE graduate students, faculty members, staff, PhD candidates, and postdoc fellows. 

The Process
  1. Contact professors/staff members/students that you don’t yet know well to schedule a virtual or in-person lunch on a specific day and time. Groups are limited to 3 to 5 participants. 
  2. Register your group a minimum of 3 days ahead of your meeting, using the registration form below.
  3. The program will then email you to confirm your registration and provide further instructions.
  4. After your lunch, please email Nicholas-DEI@duke.edu (and CC your party) to confirm that you successfully met.
  1. Members can only participate in the program 2 times per semesters.
  2. Groups may spend up to $12 per person.
  3. Participants cannot purchase alcohol.
  4. Undergraduate students are ineligible for the program.

Click here to register.

Who is eligible to participate??

All NSOE graduate students, PhD candidates, faculty, staff, and post-doc fellows are welcome to participate!

How should NSOE members invite one another?

The program strongly encourages members to invite others through a simple conversation or email.

Can multiple students meet with the same faculty/staff member at once?

Yes, students may coordinate up to five people per lunch.

I am a faculty or staff member. Can I invite other faculty members and staff? Or do I need to invite also invite a student?

Faculty and staff can invite other faculty and staff members that they do not yet know well. The program seeks to build community among all community members.

What if I am not currently enrolled in a class with a professor with whom I am interested in eating lunch with — can I still invite them?

Of course! However, the professor must be currently employed by the University.

Something came up and we must reschedule. What should I do?

Not a problem! Reschedule your meeting with the intended party and notify the program via the contact information below.

This semester I will be at the marine lab in Beaufort — can I still participate? How about with someone who is at a different campus?

Yes, you can! Please find the Beaufort link in the registration section. If the other party is at a different campus, please schedule a Zoom meeting (or another digital meeting platform) that works for everyone..

My group cannot meet. What should I do?

You can ask another NSOE member to meet or cancel the lunch. Please notify the program of any changes via the contact information below.


Contact the DEI Office here.