Find Resources

The Nicholas School seeks to provide all its community members with the resources and support they need to experience meaning, value, and success within our community.

The Nicholas School has compiled resources to help you find meaning and success:

  • Find a community in the Nicholas School that supports you and your needs, including needs based on your unique identity;
  • Address and report behaviors that are unprofessional and excluding. There are also resources available for your suggest changes and updates to the Nicholas School’s DEI implementation plan and other policies and procedures; and
  • Provide emotional support for times when a Nicholas School community-member experiences adversity requiring assistance from specialists and experts in psychology or mediation. Our support page also contains information about meditation and prayer spaces, gender neutral restrooms, and the comprehensive staff resource list.
  • Visit Duke Gardens’ page to learn about the Indigenous Land Relationships in the Carolinas and educate yourself about the colonial genocide that marks our history, and become familiar with the 18 tribes that exist in the Carolinas today.