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Great News!

Another update with even more exciting news for the Digital Sea Monsters Team!

First, a bit on “feeding” Cachalot. I’m of course talking about funding.  I wanted to take this time to thank those groups that helped fund the application, Duke CIT, the Duke Marine Lab and the Nicholas School of the Environment.

Duke CIT was generous enough to provide a second 5,000 dollar Jump Start grant. They are also going to set aside 60 iPads for student use. So the students in Marine Mammals this summer and the students in Marine Megafauna this spring will have an iPad to work on!

In addition, the Duke Marine Lab (thank you Cindy Van Dover) and the Nicholas School of the Environment (thank you Dean Bill Chameides) each provided 3,000 dollars for more work on the application! And I must add another quick thank you to Cindy Van Dover who will also be writing a species profile for the Siboglinid worms!

This additional funding will help continue to develop the application and continue to improve it! So thank you everyone!

Second, I have another amazing collaboration to mention. The Digital Sea Monsters team is already working with one amazing collaborator, the Society for Marine Mammalogy to create the species profiles. And we added NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC to our list of collaborators just a few days ago. NatGeo will be providing CRITTERCAM footage for our set of species. So get ready to become the megafauna as you watch video footage captured by the animals themselves!

We are working hard to get this app ready to launch so stay tuned!