Cachalot over Duke Telepresence

Last week I had the opportunity to demo the current version of Cachalot for two groups on main campus. The interesting thing was that I did it all from a room about three doors down from my office at Duke Marine Lab in Beaufort!

We demoed the app across the new telepresence system for the OIT telepresence celebration meeting (including showing it off for the Provost and the CIO of Duke) and for the Nicholas School Board meeting. The app performed well, and I used the iPad 2 to mirror the screen and send content over the telepresence connection to users in Durham. The app streamed video efficiently, and it was relayed seamlessly to Durham without a stutter. It was fun to see the lifesize smiles in that remote room as we showed off the functionality of the app.

Below is a Duke communications video that includes part of the demonstration of the app, including a bit of handwaving by yours truly…