Cachalot is Live!

Hard work pays off and it certainly paid off on Monday night.  On Monday August 29th, Cachalot was launched on the iTunes store making it available to anyone with an iPad free of charge.  We even made it onto the Nicholas School front page.

With all of this we encourage all of you to go to the store and download the application and if you don’t have an iPad tell a friend or family member with one to download it for you and check it out. It was launched with two megafauna, Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins and Leopard Seals and every week we will debut a new “Megafauna of the Week.”  These megafauna of the week will include octopus, albatross, dolphins and turtles.

So of course there are a lot of people to thank here.  So I am sending out a big thank you to everyone who worked so hard on this application. Whether you helped fund it, program it, write it, submitted a photo, a video or just cheered us on along the way, thank you.

Have fun with it and stay tuned, common dolphins coming soon!