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Progress – the beginning of the course app

[image title=”Penguin Mock-up” size=”medium” align=”right” icon=”zoom” lightbox=”true” autoHeight=”true” quality=”100″][/image]On Friday (Feb 4) our great programming team presented their first ideas about the look and feel of the Marine Megafauna iOS app, and even showcased some of the functionality to be included. Their presentation set out some basic ideas about the interface, and Adam provided a hands-on demonstration of his code that will allow students using the app to annotate lessons and other material right on their iOS device – and these annotations (in the form of notes, highlights and free-form drawings) are persistent – allowing students to keep their notes after turning off the device.

Below is the short Keynote that accompanied their presentation – it was great.

Looking forward to future updates!

Success! We’ve got some programmers!

[image title=”From the pitch…” size=”medium” align=”right” icon=”zoom” lightbox=”true” autoHeight=”true”][/image]This week I learned that the students in CompSci 196.3 have chosen to take up our Digital Seamonsters idea as their programming project for the semester. I’ve only met with two of the team so far, but they seem eager to get things going.

The group of students is:

  • Sophia Cui
  • Tony Thomas
  • Adam Cue
  • James Wu
  • Nancy Chen

Digital Sea Monsters iPad Pitch

On January 19th I pitched our Digital Sea Monsters project to some computer savy students taking CompSci 196.3

Their task for the semester is to develop an iOS application, and I’m hoping that they will choose our Marine Megafauna project as their development project. Below is a slideshow of the pitch. It works best if viewed in Safari, but most browsers should get the basic job done…