At the Nicholas School, there are plenty of Diversity & Inclusion Allies whom you can talk to about sensitive topics including racial discrimination, sexual harassment, learning disabilities, gender self-identification, etc.

If you do not feel comfortable speaking with any of the individuals below, please be aware of the following resources:


  • If you have an emergency, do not hesitate to call Duke Police at (919) 684-2444 or dial 9-1-1

At the Nicholas School - Environment Hall/LRSC

Dr. Emily M. Klein | Professor of Earth and Ocean Sciences

Emily joined Duke in 1989, as the first female faculty member in the Department of Geology. She earned her undergraduate degree in English from Barnard College (Columbia University’s women’s college), and her doctoral degree in Geology from Columbia. Her research focuses on the geochemistry of oceanic volcanoes, and involves sea-going expeditions using submarines and remotely operated vehicles to study the ocean floor. She is the recipient of the National Science Foundation’s Young Investigator Award and was the first woman to receive the F.W. Clarke Medal of the Geochemical Society.

Emily has devoted significant effort in recent years to advancing diversity and inclusion at the university level. She was a member of the steering committee of the Diversity Task Force of the Academic Council, and chaired the Provost’s Faculty Diversity Implementation Committee. She also serves on the steering committee of the Bias and Hate Task Force.

Room: Old Chemistry Building 310

Dr. Susan Lozier | Professor of Earth and Ocean Sciences

Susan is an oceanographer whose research focuses on the ocean’s role in climate. She has been at Duke for 25 years and during that time has taught, mentored and advised undergraduate, professional and graduate students. Because she has always been interested in level playing fields, she initiated and then led for ten years a nation-wide mentoring program for early career women in physical oceanography.  During the past two years, Dr. Lozier led Duke’s strategic planning effort and from that experience learned even more about diversity and inclusion issues here at Duke. Her and her husband have two sons, one still in graduate school in California and the other a recent MEM graduate. She enjoys open water swimming, bicycling, gardening and listening to anyone in need of a sympathetic ear.

Room: Nicholas School of the Environment EH 5119

Dr. Joel Meyer | Associate Professor of Molecular Environmental Toxicology

Dr. Meyer is an environmental toxicologist, interested in the effects of pollutants on health. His interest in this grew during 5 years when he lived in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala (he speaks Spanish); he continues to have a strong interest in environmental justice issues. Joel has an undergraduate degree in Peace and Conflict Studies/Environmental Studies (Juniata College), and was a PhD student at the Nicholas School, so he is familiar with the school from the student as well as faculty perspective. He enjoys volleyball, running, hiking, camping, gardening and reading.

Room: Nicholas School of the Environment LSRC A354

Cynthia Peters | Assistant Dean of Student Services

Cynthia Peters has worked in a variety of places at Duke during her 39-year tenure here. She has been with the Nicholas School since December 2000 and has enjoyed watching the school grow and change over the years. For the Nicholas School, Cindy is part of the Student Services team focusing on current students, their academics and their personal and professional concerns. Cindy also serves as the financial aid counselor for the professional master’s degree students, as well as overseeing undergraduate programs for the school. Cindy enjoys meeting with students and supporting them as they pursue their studies and figure out their lives and careers. 

Originally, Cindy is from Miami, Florida, though she spent her teenage years overseas. She is a proud graduate of Agnes Scott College in Atlanta, GA, where she majored in History. She considers Durham and Duke her home and cheers for the Blue Devils at all times. 

Outside of work, Cindy enjoys reading and crossword puzzles, getting together with friends, playing cards, trying new foods and watching NCIS. 

She encourages students to come and see her in A101B LSRC anytime –if they have a problem or even if they do not. She enjoys getting to know students. 

Room: Nicholas School of the Environment LSRC A101B

At Beaufort - Duke Marine Lab

Dr. Cindy Van Dover | Professor of Biological Oceanography

Cindy is a deep-sea explorer and biologist who is now engaged in the emergent field of deep-sea environmental management. She thrives in an interdisciplinary world and has seen that diverse perspectives enrich how we think about the world, that when we work together, we achieve much more than if we work against one another. As Director of the Marine Lab from 2006 to 2016, she worked side-by-side with students, staff and faculty to build a community that embraces diversity. Cindy and her goofy dog Tag now share an attic office in Lab 5. When she is not on Pivers Island, you might well find her in the gym doing a CrossFit workout.

Room: Duke University Marine Lab Attic of Lab 5