Our mission is threefold:

Bridging gaps between communities at NSOE

1. We want to foster a welcoming community within the Nicholas School so that members of disenfranchised groups/communities will feel that they belong here. This means bridging gaps between peoples of various identities by both acknowledging our differences and also learning to recognize shared interests and experiences.

Empowering disenfranchised/marginalized groups

2. We seek to empower members of disenfranchised groups/communities to join the Nicholas School community. This means working with the Nicholas School administration and staff to increase the recruitment rates for students of different races, cultures, gender & sexual identities, levels of ability/disability, socioeconomic classes, countries of origin, religions, ethnicities, etc.

Facilitating reflections on Diversity & Inclusion issues

3. Facilitate and encourage deeper discussion through readings, current events, movie screenings, weekly meetings, etc.