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Carlo Erba NA 1500 The Carlo Erba NA 1500 Elemental Analyzer, fitted with a Costech zero-blank autosampler, for automated analyses of bulk carbon and nitrogen isotopes in organic samples and salts.
ThermoFinnigan Trace GC ThermoFinnigan Trace GC with autosampler and Finnigan MAT GC/C and GC/TC interface: for automated compound-specific isotopic analyses of carbon, nitrogen, and hydrogen in organic liquid or gas mixtures. On the top right is the Conflo III interface, which is connected to the Carlo Erba NA 1500.
The new Finnigan MAT Delta Plus XL continuous flow mass spectrometer (bottom).
The innards of the Delta Plus XL showing the electromagnet (left), collector/amplifier housing (upper middle), ion source housing (lower middle), and dual inlet/multiport system (right).
Internal view of the ion source showing filament, leads, source magnets, and lenses
The source aperture leading into the flight tube (note the normal “ion burn” around the opening).
Rear view of Delta Plus XL and Trace GC with GC/C III interface.
Inside the Conflo III, with regulators on left, sample and reference open splits in center, and flow switching valve in lower middle.
Front view of the GasBench, thermostated sample tray, TC/EA, and autosamplers.
Inside the GasBench, with gas regulators on bottom, nafion tubes in center, sample open split in upper left, reference open split in upper middle, 8-way switching valve in upper right.
View of multiport and dual inlet (foreground), rear of TC/EA and GasBench, side of Conflo III interface with exhaust line for CO.
Microvolume system of dual inlet in foreground, vacuum and pneumatic systems in background.
Rear view of the mass spec collector showing connections to Faraday cups.
The mass spec electromagnet, used to focus on various masses.
Side view inside the mass spec with vacuum system on bottom and ion source on top.
Top view of turbomolecular pump, capable of vacuum in the 10 EE-9 mbar range.
Ultra-high purity gas delivery system. Helium 5.0 passes through a high temperature purifier to remove hydrocarbons and a detecting purifier to remove any traces of water or oxygen. High usage tanks have check-valve and flush-valve assemblies that isolate regulators for seamless tank changes.
The H2O extraction line.
Noise-free power is essential for operation of the mass spec.

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