Leanne Spaulding: DEL-MEM and the fine art of multi-tasking

The DEL-MEM program allows mid-career professionals to earn a Masters degree at the Nicholas School without leaving their current job or moving to Durham, NC.  Far from a workaround, DEL-MEM students must learn to manage a full slate of work, life, and school tasks all at once…no small feat.  Leanne Spaulding exemplifies this balance through the changes she experienced while in the program.

Leanne first came to the Nicholas School to meet her DEL-MEM cohort in the Fall of 2015.  At the time, she was the Chief Administrative Officer at the U.S. Composting Council in Reston, VA.  She is working on her master’s project with advisor Dr. Elizabeth Shapiro-Garza.  In addition to coursework and her full-time job, Ms. Spaulding then took a new position with the New York City Sanitation Department to expand the city’s composting efforts, and this new job required her to relocate from the DC area back to her home state of New York.

Leanne was featured in a New York Times article on the expansion of the NYC workforce under Mayor Bill deBlasio (see photo).  Follow Leanne’s work on Twitter, and learn more about the DEL-MEM program here.