Alumni Benefits

Alumni Benefits

Congratulations! You are now a Duke University graduate!

Post Graduation Contact Information

Please complete the contact information form below to help us maintain our database of DEL-MEM alumni.  

In addition, as you review what is available to you as a Duke Alumni, we’d like you to consider what you can do in the future with the DEL program, the Nicholas School, and future prospective and admitted students. Part of our mission is to seek out the most qualified applicants to join our program.  Many of those applicants would enjoy connecting with alums to discuss the program and ask advice of graduates who have been in the trenches.  If you are willing to connect with applicants or be available for virtual or in-person information session, please complete the form below.  We’ll be mindful of your time.

DEL Exit Contact Information

Also, don’t forget to join the DEL Facebook page, the NS alumni LinkedIn group (as well as the DEL-MEM alumni subgroup), the DEL LinkedIn Group, the DEL-MEM Connection (alumni) Facebook group, AND the DEL Twitter account!

Duke University Alumni Benefits

Duke NetID

Duke graduates can use their NetID for one year after graduation; however, they will not be able to download software or access certain resources as they could when they were students. Email and AFS/Webfile access will continue until their NetIDs expire.

When your NetID has expired, all associated accounts including e-mail addresses, mailboxes, e-mail forwarding, and AFS space will be deleted.

Duke Email Account

When your NetID expires, you will no longer have access to your existing email address/mailbox. Options to consider:

1. Request an alumni email account. A new way for alumni to continue accessing Duke resources can be found here.

2. Forward incoming e-mail to another address. Prior to the closing of your Duke account, you can forward all e-mail addressed to your Duke account to another personal account. Note: Forwarding will last only as long as your Duke account remains active, but it will limit the amount of e-mail coming to your Duke inbox that will need to be moved before the account closes. (Forwarding does not apply to email already in your Duke account inbox.) To forward your Duke account email to another address, go to Online@Duke, then Manage Your Email. Users with Exchange accounts should go here.

3. Create an auto-reply (vacation) message. Prior to the closing of your Duke account, you can create an auto-reply (vacation) message notifying people who send you e-mail that you have a new address. This will last only as long as your Duke account remains active, but it helps make people aware of your new e-mail address. To create an auto-reply (vacation) message, go to Online@Duke, then Manage Your Email. Users with Exchange accounts should go here.

If you do not have a need to keep a Duke email account, Duke will automatically close your Duke account two weeks after we notify you, by e-mail, that your account is about to be closed. You don’t have to do anything.

Above information and additional information on backing up files can be found here.

Duke Alumni Association

You do not have to donate to receive most of Duke alumni benefits. A list of all benefits can be found here. Those that are free include:

  • Duke Alumni Email
  • Duke Library Access – Online Databases. The Duke University Libraries and the Duke University Alumni Association provide access to a set of online resources to all Duke alumni. These databases may be accessed off-campus by Duke alumni who are using them for personal, non-commercial use. Use of these resources for commercial gain is not permitted. The following selected online resources are available for Duke University alumni:
    • ATLA Religion Database
    • EBSCO Academic Search Alumni Edition
    • JSTOR
    • ProQuest ABI/Inform Complete
    • RefWorks

Additional information for alumni can be accessed from the Duke University Alumni office and the Nicholas School.