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Duke Qualtrics

Duke Qualtrics

What can Qualtrics do for you?

Create surveys, polls, questionnaires and forms using advanced and easy-to-use survey software.

You can quickly sign-up for a Qualtrics account at no-cost using your Duke credentials.

Qualtrics lets you send and track participation, invitations, and reminders; display survey results in real time, graphically and statistically; and export raw data in a variety of formats (to CSV, XML, HTML and SPSS, a popular statistical package available through OIT software license).

Other key features include:

  • Libraries of customizable templates and question banks that can be shared by users and groups.
  • A “quick survey builder” guide for beginners.
  • Survey translation capabilities, allowing respondents to select a language or default to a browser language preference, then tracking those selections in survey results.
  • Continuous file saving, minimizing potential data loss due to browser crashes.
  • Folders for survey organization.
  • Collaboration with other Qualtrics users at Duke and external organizations


What your peers have learned along the way…

1) Design — It took me about a week to be comfortable with the design of my survey questions (though already finalized through the IRB process).  The tool offers a number of question types far beyond multiple choice, including sliding ranking, matrix tables, heat maps, gap analysis… many more.  You can also get fancy with the “Look & Feel” menu for design elements like using the NSOE logo.

Even if your survey isn’t ready to go I would suggest beginning to play around with qualtrics (it’s free for us) when you have time.  I wish that I would’ve messed around with it before it was time to launch my survey!

2) Distribution List — Excel (.xls) documents are not accepted for loading contacts… not sure why, but you can paste multiple emails into the their online form at the same time, so it’s not too bad.  Beware that if there is any error in any of your email addresses (like an extra space after .com) qualtrics will not allow you to use the entire distribution list until you find and fix the error(s).

3) Email Distributions & Forwarding Survey Link — If you send an email to your distribution list through qualtrics it is important to know that the emails cannot be forwarded to others once received by your contacts.  In other words, if you send out an email blast your and hope to ask close contacts on your list to forward it on to others, don’t, that won’t work.  The email distribution tool will only allow the recipient of each specific email  the ability to complete the survey.

**If you want a link that can be used multiple times, use the “Anonymous Survey Link” distribution tool**