Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions

Note: These are likely to change for each semesters’ course offering. See DukeHub for course descriptions.

Past syllabi

ENV 909, Survey of Environmental Leadership, Vidra

ENV 955, Community Based Environmental Management

ENV 961, Ecosystem Science and Management

ENV 962, Economics of Environmental Management

ENV 963, Program Management for Environmental Professionals

ENV 964, Environmental Law & Policy

ENV 965, Environmental Leadership Module

ENV 966, Professional Writing Module, Cagle (Current Syllabus)

ENV 973, Business Strategy for Environmental Sustainability

ENV 975, Community Based Environmental Management in Mexico Field Course (current, 2015 course description. Includes information about the info session and required application process.)

ENV 976, Restoration Ecology: Principles & Practice; Hawaii Fieldtrip, Vidra

ENV 979, The Science of Climate Change (current description)

ENV 982, Sustainable Development in Chile Field Course