Durham, NC
Dates: May 10-13, 2017 (Required: May 10-11)

A Nicholas School Graduation Information Site is available here.

DEL Graduation Schedule final is available here and will change quite a bit leading up to the event date (updated 5/01/2018). If you would like a hard copy schedule, please print it out and bring with you. To RSVP to our May 11 reception please click here.

If you or a family member requires assistance such as accessible seating and/or parking, please contact Cindy Peters, Nicholas School’s ADA liaison (, 919-613-8071).

All bursar accounts must be cleared prior to graduation week to receive diploma and transcripts.

Alumni Benefits information is available here.

Duke University Commencement Weekend Information

For all things graduation (outside of DEL PBS schedule), visit the Duke Commencement website. Site includes schedule of events, information for students and parents, apparel information, parking information, Baccalaureate Service information and schedule, etc. Please review!

Graduation Apparel

After February you can order graduation apparel on the Duke Commencement website. All MEM graduates wear full academic apparel (caps, gowns, and hoods) at the Nicholas School Recognition Ceremony (Saturday) and .  If attending the optional Baccalaureate Service, students wear academic apparel, no hoods. If attending Duke’s Commencement Ceremony (Sunday), academic apparel is required.  You must complete your apparel order by the end of March.  (order dates have not yet been determined)

Updated: 1/16/2018