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Melissa Adragna, Program Coordinator, Student Services

(919) 613-8112

Nicholas School MP Guidelines & Formatting Requirements
Institutional Review Board (IRB) – Human Subjects Research
Guidelines for MP Mid-Year Presentations (December place-based session of 2nd year)
MP Presentation Evaluation Form (completed by Advisor and peers online)
MP Evaluation Criteria (completed by Advisor online w/in ACES)
Sample MP Reports available on DukeSpace

Social Survey Design

Need to learn more about Social Survey Design? There are a number of courses available for free as MOOC‘s, such as Coursera, EdX, and Udacity. Student feedback on one in particular, Questionnaire Design for Social Surveys by the University of Michigan:

  • found the course useful because it covered several topics including ordering effects, satisfying, sensitive questions and more. However, I also have no background in this subject so I don’t know how useful it would be to someone who knows the topic.
  • Includes discussion forums (not very helpful), video lectures (helpful), and an assignment where you created questions and then received feedback on their usefulness and effectiveness (found very helpful).