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DEL Faculty (Click on faculty name for full biography)
Rebecca L. Vidra;
Faculty Director, Duke Environmental Leadership Program, Senior Lecturer

Email: vidra@duke.edu
Norman L. Christensen;
Research Professor and Founding Dean of the Nicholas School;
Division of Environmental Sciences & Policy
Email: normc@duke.edu
Deborah Rigling Gallagher;
Associate Professor of the Practice of Resource and Environmental Policy and Director of Professional Studies; Division of Environmental Sciences & Policy
Email: deb.gallagher@duke.edu
David E. Hinton;
Nicholas Professor of Environmental Quality; Division of Environmental Sciences & Policy; Division of Marine Science & Conservation
Email: dave.hinton@duke.edu

Prasad S. Kasibhatla;
Associate Professor of Environmental Chemistry, Primary Division: Environmental Sciences & Policy

Email: psk9@duke.edu
Nicolette Cagle, Ph.D.;
Lecturer, Environmental Science and Policy, Nicholas School

919-613-8000, Email: nicolette.cagle@duke.edu
Jonas Monast, J.D.;
Manager, External Relations, CCPP Staff, Nicholas Institute

919-681-7188, Email: jonas.monast@duke.edu
Brian C. Murray;
Research Professor and Director for Economic Analysis, Nicholas Institute; Division of Environmental Sciences & Policy

Email: brian.murray@duke.edu
Elizabeth N Shapiro-Garza;
Assistant Professor of the Practice of Environmental Policy & Management; Division of Environmental Sciences & Policy

Email: elizabeth.shapiro@duke.edu
Dalia Patino-Echeverri;
Gendell Associate Professor of Energy Systems and Public Policy

Email: dalia.patino@duke.edu
Jesko Von Windheim;
Lynn Gorguze-Scott Peters Professor of the Practice of Environmental Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Email: jesko.vonwindheim@duke.edu
Chris Wedding;
Executive in Residence

Email: chris.wedding@duke.edu

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