Dr. Ruben Palacio

Dr. Ruben Palacio

Ruben defended his thesis today, entitled “Strengthening conservation of biodiversity at local and regional scales“. This highly successful analysis of conservation issues for the Columbian Andes has already generated important publications, including:

Hazzi NA, Moreno JS, Ortiz-Movliav C, Palacio RD. 2018. Biogeographic regions and events of isolation and diversification of the endemic biota of the tropical Andes. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115:7985–7990.

Palacio RD, Kattan GH, Pimm SL. 2020. Bird extirpations and community dynamics in an Andean cloud forest over 100 years of land‐use change. Conservation Biology 34:677–687.

Palacio RD, Negret PJ, Velásquez-Tibatá J, Jacobson AP. 2021. A data-driven geospatial workflow to map species distributions for conservation assessments. Diversity and Distributions 27:2559–2570.

Palacio RD, Valderrama-Ardila C, Kattan GH. 2016. Generalist species have a central role in a highly diverse plant-frugivore network. Biotropica 48:349–355.

Palacio RD, Vidal-Astudillo V, Cárdenas G, Luna-Solarte J. 2017. Aves del municipio de Santiago de Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia. Biota Colombiana 18:228–238.

Dr. Ruben Palacio, PhD Ecology
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