I am interested in understanding how phytoplankton regulate the energy flow in marine ecosystems and the elemental flow in biogeochemical cycles. And particularly I am interested in carbon export in the sunlit surface ocean.

I received my Ph.D. in 2013 from Duke University. My dissertation research focused on Prochlorococcus, the smallest but most abundant phytoplankton in the ocean. I established a method to measure the genotype specific growth rates using ribosomal RNA content, and related their growth rates to different environmental variables in the field. Now as a postdoctoral researcher at Duke, I work on the Southern Ocean system and study how microbial community (both autotrophs and heterotrophs) structure and interactions influence carbon export measured by the underway O2/Ar method. My current research is at the nexus of high-throughput molecular biology and high-resolution underway biogeochemistry. Combining these two fields provides me with unique tools to explore the mechanisms of carbon export. And these findings could benefit other fields such as food web, ecosystem conservation and biogeochemical modeling.

Email: yajuan.lin@duke.edu   Tel: 919-6818889

Peer-reviewed publications

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Earth and Ocean Sciences, Duke University, 415 Chapel Dr., Durham, 27708

Office: Environmental Hall #5112