A one-to-one comparison of the models is shown in this visualization for a more precise analysis. Select individual grid cells to find out the carbon export value in gC/m2/yr.

Select each of the models you want to display. Then, scroll to zoom over the globe, and drag the globe to rotate it. Click on each of the globes to import the coordinates and scale of the other globe once you have zoomed over a particular region.

The dataproducts displayed here are those from Eppley and Peterson, 1979, Betzer et al., 1994, Baines et al., 1994, Laws et al., 2000, Laws et al., 2011, Dunne et al., 2005, Westberry et al., 2012,  and  Li and Cassar, 2016.

The comparison analyses were funded by NASA, and the data visualization by LabexMER.

The dataviz (except those on GoogleMaps) have been developed in D3.js by GraphicPrototype.