Current graduate students

 Current graduate students:

  • Zhen Wang (2018- )
  • Gordon Williams (2020 -)
  • Robert Hill (2021- )

Former graduate students:






  • Rachel Coyte (2016-2021) Redox-sensitive elements in water Resources.
  • Andrew Kondash (2014 -2019) PhD thesis: The Water-Energy Nexus of Hydraulic Fracturing.
  • Nancy Lauer (2013 -2018) PhD thesis: Radioactivity of Fossil Fuel Waste Products and Associated Environmental Implications
  • Jennie Harkness (2013 -2017) PhD thesis: Identifying water contamination from fossil fuel development using geochemical and isotopic fingerprints
  • Brittany Rose Merola (2010-2014) Research topic: Biomarkers of exposure: Arsenic concentrations in keratin in populations exposed to arsenic in drinking water
  • Nathaniel Warner (PhD, 2009-2013). Now at Civil and Environment Engineering, Penn State University
  • Laura Ruhl (PhD, 2008-2012) Now at the Department of Earth Science, University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Research topic: The geochemistry and isotopic characterization of coal ash and its impact on the environment.
  • Hadas Raanan (PhD, 2005-2011). Research topic: Radium isotope geochemistry as a tracer for groundwater-surface water interaction. Now at Mekorot LTD. Israel
  • David Vinson (PhD, 2005-2011). Research topic: The impact of salinity and water chemistry on radium mobilization in groundwater systems. Now at Department of Geography and Earth Science, University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

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