A new study on the origin and distribution of hexavalent chromium in drinking water wells from the Piedmont region of North Carolina was published in Environmental Science and Technology Letters

152 page minimum spine. Editor: Matt Hotze, JEM: Esther
RTP: Diane Murphy

The study, shows that hexavalent chromium is naturally occurring, originated from water-rock interactions, particularly in aquifers composed of mafic rocks. The data show that groundwater samples with high hexavalent chromium had chemical and strontium isotope ratios that are different from the compositions expected for coal ash contamination. This study is the first to show that hexavalent chromium occurrence is not restricted to sites affected to anthropogenic contamination and the distribution of hexavalent chromium is much wider in drinking water wells than previously anticipated. The paper was selected as Editors Choice and is posted here: hexavalent-chromium-in-piedmont-groundwater. The study was reported in Duke Press release, followed by TV shows including WRAL , WBTVABC News ,  radio shows including NPR _WUNC, WFAE (with David Boraks) , and numerous news items including Washington PostCharlotte Observer, Richmond Times, North Carolina Health News, Fayetteville Observer, Progressive Pulse, The Herald Sun, Sanforld Herald, Charlotte Buisness JournalThe Daily Tarheel,


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