Terah Donovan



Terah Donovan, MEM ’07

Program Manager at Santa Clara Valley Habitat Agency, Morgan Hill, CA

Evaluating Conservation Progress and Priorities during Program Implementation


Habitat Conservation Plans and Natural Community Conservation Plans are programmatic endangered species permits. During program implementation, you have to evaluate your program in terms of permit compliance and the status and trends of the species. What happens when species are more wide spread than you thought, or conversely is declining rapidly? Learn about the challenges of managing plant populations and owls that love vacant lots and golf courses.

Terah Donovan supports implementation of the Santa Clara Valley 50-year Habitat Conservation Plan/Natural Community Conservation Plan: 50,000 acres to benefit 18 rare and endangered species. Terah leads the conservation program tasks ranging from land acquisition for the 50,000-acre Reserve System, restoration, reserve management and monitoring, and grant writing.

Prior to this leadership role, Terah was a Conservation Biologist with ICF for 8 years and Peace Corps Volunteer in Bolivia.

Career Conversation – Thursday January 26th 

California Dreaming: Roommates, Regional Conservation, and Funding Strategies Learn about leveraging your roommates, emerging issues in conservation planning, and the future of large scale conservation funding in California. Topics include Natural Community Conservation Plans, Regional Conservation Investment Strategies, and Cap and Trade.

Office Hours with Terah: Friday, January 27th, 9:00 – 4:00 Nicholas School Career Center

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