Ecology, Art & Spirituality

“Ecology, Art, and Spirituality”

A guided dinner conversation hosted by Ben Young Landis, Fall 2015 Alumni-In-Residence

Thursday, 10/1

Participation by invitation only


What do you find in Nature to be beautiful? This may seem like a silly question posed to anyone in the Nicholas School, but think about the last time you spoke deeply and personally about the motivations and passions behind your pursuit of an environmental career.

The truth is that we sometimes lack a reflective setting and the companions to help center ourselves — to truly take a break from GIS layers or discount rates, or R codes, and profess to one another why it is that we do what we do.

That’s what we hope to achieve at this evening gathering. This intimate, guided dinner conversation is an invitation for us explore how abstract and emotional connections shape our personal motivations and professional dialogue. Our aim is to create an open, welcoming setting allowing everyone to share their personal views and contexts, evoking questions and ideas that everyone can take with them to meditate privately or share further with others.


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