Becca Madsen, MEM 2006

Becca Madsen, Technical Leader, Water & Ecosystems, Environment, MEM 2006 supports research activities related to sustainability, ecosystem services, endangered species, and water quality trading.

Becca has over a decade of experience analyzing issues at the intersection of nature and economics. Prior to joining EPRI, she served as Principal of Madsen Environmental, where she provided consulting services to businesses seeking return on investment from environmental restoration and sustainability actions.

She has analyzed and written on topics ranging from global policies promoting biodiversity conservation, to feasibility of water quality trading in the Chesapeake Bay, to the application of an ecosystem services perspective at a major beverage company.

Tuesday, March 28th
11:45-1:00 EH Board Rm
Career Path Conversation

WHO KNEW? There is an important role for ecosystem services/environmental markets in power development, and more broadly corporate sustainability. This is an MEM differentiator in the workplace!
Come learn about Becca’s work and her career journey. She can speak to starting your own consulting firm, her experiences that have led to her current role, and the joys & challenges of working remotely!

Tuesday March 28,
4:30-6:00 A 158 LSRC
Becca Madsen
What drives environmental research in the industrial sector? A discussion of resources impacted & the regulations that protect them.  Session will conclude with a brainstorm of endangered species research projects to propose to a group of electric power companies.

Meet with Becca
Discuss career interests and get advice!

Tuesday, March 28th
10:00 -11:30; 1:30 -3:30

Wednesday, March 29th
10:30 – 1:30

SAGA Brainstorm Session
Becca wants to learn from students some of the more recent learnings in spatial analysis, and discussion of where there could be corporate applications for land management, to meet water or habitat regulations, other?

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