Sympa – the mailing list system used at Duke – offers web-based mail list management that allows list owners to easily administer their lists, and list subscribers to manage their own subscriptions.

An index of publicly-viewable mailing lists at the Nicholas School is available here. Login with your NetID and password to manage your subscriptions or to request a new list.

If a student, you are already subscribed to the lists specific to your course of study. New staff and faculty can add themselves to the correct list – generally {role-location} You will also be automatically subscribed to compound lists specific to your role and location at the school.

Once logged in, you can change your your delivery preferences. List owners will see administrative options when logged in with their preferred email – NetID or alias – as listed in the Duke online directory.

Contact Nicholas School IT with any questions about using Sympa. Contact the list owner – <listname> – with questions about your subscription.

Please use discretion when emailing the school mailing lists. Choose your recipients and subject matter appropriately.

Program/Student Listservs

New students will be subscribed to the program and student listservs by Student Services during the summer. If you are not receiving emails sent to the program listservs by August 1, please send an email to The student and program listservs all end with – all professional students – all new/first year students – all second year/returning students

  • firstcem; secondcem; and cem
  • firstee; secondee; and ee
  • firsteeh; secondeeh; and eeh
  • firstesc; secondesc; and esc
  • firsteep; secondeep; and eep
  • firstgec; secondgec; and gec
  • firstfrm; secondfrm; and frm
  • fristwrm; secondwrm; and wrm
  • profjoint – all dual/joint degree students
  • profinter- all international/foreign national students