Financial Package

Your Financial Aid Package

You are encouraged to take a couple of minutes and to go into the DukeHub, which is the Duke system, and under Financial Aid verify your financial aid. Please be aware that all awards including scholarships and loans will not be applied to your account towards your tuition and fees until 10 days prior to the semester beginning.  That being said, don’t panic because your bill is due August 1st. 

The Bursar’s Office is able to see your anticipated aid and takes this into account when figuring out how much you need to pay by August 1st.  If your bill does not reflect the current status of your financial aid and you have received additional aid or changed your loan amounts, then you can deduct the additional awards from your bill amount and pay that difference.  If your awards total more than what you owe then you do not need to pay anything.  If this is the case then you may be eligible for a refund to help cover living expenses. You will need to sign up for direct deposit by filling out the direct deposit form  (available in the DukeHub under forms & requests) and send it to the Bursar’s Office.

-All scholarship and loan awards are disbursed in two equal payments of half in the fall and half in the  spring. -For those of you that received an assistantship and/or work-study these will be paid directly to you once you are put on payroll and will not be applied to your bursar balance.

If you have submitted a FAFSA and if it has been received in the Nicholas School’s Financial Aid Office you will see loans that you qualify for outlined on your award panel for you to accept/adjust/decline if you have not done so already.  If you have submitted your FAFSA and you do not see these on your award panel then please contact Cynthia Peters, Assistant Dean for more information.

Remember that you must accept awards in order for them to be processed and you must also do Entrance Loan Counseling for each of your loans that you plan on taking out in addition to Master Promissory Notes for each. You can do both here.

Got questions about your financial aid?

Send an email to or call 919-613-8070.