When You Arrive


If you are not using a carpool permit, it is likely you will be parking far away and/or taking the bus to the Grainger Hall and Levine Science Research Center, be sure to leave your home in plenty of time to get to campus and find a parking spot.

Make sure you have picked up your valid Duke ID (identification) card. 

If you have reserved a locker for the year, you are welcome to store your books there. Most lockers are quite small so rain gear, biking paraphernalia and large items will not fit. Use your locker for your books. Don’t lose the key or you’ll have to pay to have it replaced.

Interoffice mail boxes are located in the basement of Grainger Hall. There should be one with your name on it. While most official communications are by email, sometimes there are reasons that we use the mailboxes to communicate with you so make sure you check your box at least once a week. Do not use your mailbox for storage and do not leave valuables such as DVDs, flash drives or money in your mailbox. You are encouraged not to use your interoffice mailbox as your primary mail location. Use your residential address or you can rent a mailbox from the university in the Bryan Center.

The Nicholas School also provides refrigerators in Grainger Hall for students to use to store their lunches. Students are responsible for keeping the refrigerator clean and odor-free. A microwave oven and a sink are also available on each floor. Snack and drink vending machines are available on the basement level of the LSRC, A wing.  

Grainger Hall and the A wing of the LSRC are accessible 24/7 for Nicholas School students with a valid Duke ID. Both buildings are open 7:30 to 5:30 (or thereabouts) Monday through Friday. After 5:30 p.m. on weekdays and weekends, these buildings can only be accessed by swiping your Duke ID card in any of the card readers at each exterior door. We strongly urge you to keep your ID card of you at all times. The lab spaces (1104, 1105 and 2107 GH; A153 LSRC) are kept locked at all times and access is by card only. Do not prop open any locked or card-access doors as this will sound an alarm and summon the police.