Housing Resources

Durham, North Carolina will be your home for the next few years. Students are strongly encouraged to secure housing arrangements as early as possible during the summer. It is best to have housing arrangements finalized before the beginning of your Orientation Week activities. Moving to Durham at least a week before Orientation will help to ease your transitioning process as well as allow you to familiarize yourself with Durham, your new home.

Friendly reminder, the process to secure housing may prove to be one of the most time consuming aspects of your transition to the area. Begin your process early and take advantage of available resources in order to make the most of the experience. Note: most new graduate and professional students must secure off-campus housing; limited on-campus housing options are available at the link below in the “Find a Roommate” Section.

Search living options close to campus >> Housing Near Duke

DukeList also has housing options available

House Hunting Tips and Furnished Temporary Housing


On-Campus Graduate and Professional Student Housing

For on-campus graduate and professional student housing, priority will be given to students on visa status attending school outside of their home country for the first time.