Before you arrive in the fall, there are a few things that we need you to take care of first.  This section is designed to highlight the things important for new students to pay attention to as you begin to prepare for the start of the program.

Be sure to read the summer ePacks carefully. The ePacks will provide specific deadlines and additional information for when these summer checklist items should occur. Be sure to review the ‘Before You Arrive’ page for more information.

  1. Access your Duke Email
  2. Get your NetID and password
  3. Secure housing arrangements
  4. Confirm student health insurance
  5. Identify transportation options 
  6. Submit immunization forms
  7. Submit final undergraduate transcript
  8. Submit proof of completion of prerequisite requirements
  9. Prepare for calculus and statistics diagnostic exams
  10. Submit your photo for your DukeCard/ID
  11. Register for Tier One fall classes in the DukeHub
  12. Stellic plan your first semester courses
  13. Resolve any outstanding financial aid issues/pay your Bursar bill
  14. Complete the Orientation Event Registration Form
  15. Request/Contact your Mentor (students must opt-in to the Mentor/Mentor Program)
  16. Contact your POD leader 
  17. Meet your classmates
  18. Review assistantship positions (if applicable)

>> View more information at the ‘Before You Arrive‘ on-boarding page