Prerequisite Notification

Students will receive formal notification of their prerequisite deficiencies within two weeks of confirming their enrollment for the fall. If you do not receive notification within two weeks of paying the tuition deposit, but you believe that you should have, please send an email to Erika Lovelace, Registrar and Associate Director of Student Administration and Advising, at

Enrollment Notification Form

If you are currently enrolled and/or plan to take a course to fulfill a required or recommended prerequisite course, please take a few minutes to complete the enrollment notification form 

Successful completion of all prerequisite courses prior to the start of the fall term will make your transition into graduate school much smoother and allow greater flexibility in your course selections. Students may enroll in the fall with no more than one required prerequisite deficiency, which they must take in their first academic year. A course taken after matriculation to satisfy a prerequisite does not count toward the credits required for the degree and must be completed with a grade of B- or better during the first year of the program. Students who fail to meet the required prerequisites by the end of the first year of study are at risk of being dismissed from the program.

Students are encouraged to take recommended prerequisite courses for their program area, but the choice whether or not to take recommended prerequisites is left up to the student. Recommended courses are not required.

Successful completion of prerequisite coursework is demonstrated by taking a college level course at any accredited college or university, the course must be taken for college credit and a minimum grade of B- earned. The student must also provide an official college transcript to show proof of completion. Advanced placement courses are acceptable provided the student earned college credit toward their undergraduate degree.

If you are currently enrolled and/or plan to take a course to fulfill a required or recommended prerequisite course, please take a few minutes to complete the enrollment notification form >> here. New students should complete the notification form by May 15. Students who are taking courses during the spring/summer to fulfill a prerequisite must provide official proof of completion of their prerequisite coursework no later than the Friday of Orientation Week.

Although students are permitted to enroll in the fall with one required prerequisite deficiency, it is especially important that students admitted to the Coastal Environmental Management program complete calculus and microeconomics prior to enrolling. At least one two-part graduate level course required for CEMs has prerequisite requirements in calculus and microeconomics; the course is Resource and Environmental Economics (ENVIRON 520 & 521). Typically, this two-course sequence is taught only in the fall on main campus and is not available at the Marine Lab in Beaufort. Any CEM not prepared to take ENV 520 & 521 in their first fall will be required to take it in their second fall term and that could affect the student’s ability to study at the Marine Lab in the fall of their second year. Of course, CEMs are not required to spend two semesters at the Marine Lab in the second year, but most students in the CEM cohort tend to take advantage of this opportunity.

Transcript Submission

An official hard copy of all undergraduate and non-degree transcripts should be mailed to Duke Nicholas School/Student Services/9 Circuit Dr./Box 90330/Durham, NC 27708-0330.

Or, if your undergraduate institution uses eSCRIP-SAFE International, Parchment (or similar agent) for the delivery of official transcripts, please ask the university registrar to send your official transcript to

Official transcripts cannot be submitted via email by the student. Electronic transcripts must be submitted by the institution directly.

>> Final undergraduate and non-degree transcripts are due no later than July 15.


For questions and/or concerns about prerequisite course requirements, send an email to or call 919-613-7459.