Welcome to the Nicholas School!

The Admitted Students web pages were designed to help you get ready to enroll in the fall and begin your academic career as a professional graduate student, and also serves as a One-Stop-Shop resource for you while you’re a student. We encourage you to bookmark this page. To navigate this site, click on the headings above to view a general overview of each topic. For additional information, hover over the heading to view the subtopics and learn more. 

The Nicholas School Student Services team cordially welcomes you to the Nicholas School of the Environment and Duke University communities. The Student Services team is co-located on the Durham and Duke Marine Lab Beaufort campuses.  We will work with you throughout your academic career on matters related to career and professional development, course registration, graduation requirements, executive education opportunities and much more!

We are Here for YOU!

Student Services team members

  • Director
    • Sherri Nevius, Associate Dean


    • Administrative Assistants
      • Tom Brooks, Staff Assistant
      • Mary Beth Magallanes, Staff Assistant
    • Admissions and Recruitment
      • Ben Spain, Associate Director
      • Park Watson, Assistant Director and CEM Lead
      • Julie Moushon, Assistant Director 
      • Melissa Kotacka, Assistant Director 
    • Career and Professional Development and Executive Education
      • Allison Besch, Director 
      • Nikki Smith, Assistant Director
      • Laura Lipps, Assistant Director, Exec Educ
      • Melissa Hunter, Assistant Director
      • Moriah Carleton, Program Specialist
    • Student Administration
      • Cynthia Peters, Assistant Dean
      • Erika Lovelace, Registrar and Associate Director
      • Mel Adragna, Program Administrator, Distance Learning and Professional Programs
      • Amy Kirkland, Undergraduate Program Coordinator
      • Katie Wood, Assistant Director Undergrad and Duke Marine Lab Programs
      • Gwendy WombleProgram Coordinator, Duke Marine Lab
      • Danielle Wiggins, Assistant Director, NSOE PhD Programs 
      • Laura Wood, Program Coordinator 





Nicholas School Student Services offices

Suite A101 Levine Science Research Center

308 Research Drive

Box 90330

Durham, NC 27708


Duke University Marine Lab

135 Duke Marine Lab Rd.
Beaufort, NC 28516