Duke Stories for Nature and People


›To promote science communications within an interdisciplinary body of members and be a hub for conservation communication via photography, film, graphic arts, science writing, and radio stories and provide in-depth training and resources for those wishing to improve their storytelling skills.


  1. Help students gain skills in conservation storytelling through indoor and outdoor workshops.
  2. Help students produce material (written stories, photo essays, films, multimedia) to submit to contests both on campus and off, as well as to other student groups such as eno Magazine through monthly brainstorming sessions
  3. Be a conduit for sharing creative work online with the Duke Community and greater Triangle. 
  4. Partner with environmental NGO’s in Triangle to create visual material they can use to promote their conservation work.


Snap Storms

  • Informal student presentations
  • Open floor to share events and announcements
  • Brainstorming and critique session
  • Mini-skill workshop (e.g. Photoshop basics)


Fall and Spring Symposiums