Environmental Science & Policy – Nicholas School Undergraduate Programs

Environmental Science & Policy

Consistent with the Nicholas school’s mission to create knowledge and global leaders for a sustainable future, the overarching goal of our undergraduate program is to provide training to expand and spread our understanding of environmental science and policy.  Students can develop their path through rigorous depth of training in Natural Sciences (terrestrial and aquatic ecology, biological conservation, environmental health) or in Social Sciences (public policy, economics, law).  Students are prepared to find creative solutions to pressing environmental problems.  

We offer two majors, Environmental Sciences, and Environmental Sciences and Policy.  Both majors include a set of co-requisites in the sciences outside our division, a set of core requirements, and each student’s combination of three courses for their own specialization within the field.  The choice of courses is developed in consultation with their advisor in the major.  All students are also required to have a field experience and participate in a capstone course or a mentored senior thesis.